Psychometric Testing

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The aptitudes we can test:







 What is Psychometric testing you ask?


As part of an ongoing commitment to providing quality staffing services to the Queenstown market, Addstaff has recently become accredited psychometric test administrators and we hold the license to deliver the OPRA range of tests. These tests are very effective in supporting the recruitment process and provide assessments for potential new hires as well as assessing the abilities of existing staff and teams.

Potential candidates can undertake a variety of assessments which are used to accurately measure the following skills: problem solving, reasoning, logic, and learning potential.

These tests can be tailored for specific roles (including Administration, Customer Service, Sales, Industrial Information Technology, Managerial, Technical, Professional and Specialist). The assessments are psychometrically robust, simple to use and contain comprehensive information that can increase the success of hiring decisions and employee development.

In addition to ability and aptitude testing we also offer Personality assessments.

Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about psychometric testing and the associated fees.

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